Water-soluble machining fluid-repelling film 「MADOSUKE」 !!

       ‘MADOSUKE ‘   Hard coating type water-repellent film

Simply apply the film to the inside of processing machine safety windows (splashguards).

Water -soluble machining fluid scattering onto to the safety windows is completely thrown off.


New Items!

・MDS-260  SIZE:260mm×200mm ( 3 – film pack)

・MDS-200  SIZE:200mm×200mm ( 3 – film pack)

・MDS-140  SIZE:140mm×200mm ( 3 – film pack)

Conventional product

・MDS-700  SIZE:700mm×520mm

・MDS-400  SIZE:400mm×520mm

・MDS-300  SIZE:300mm×520mm

【Optional tape】

・Adhesive tape (white)  SIZE:30mm width×50m

・Transparent tape  SIZE:30mm width×50mm

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