Cost reduction equipment

Healsui (Cost reduction equipment)

Water bill reduction system by measuring the drainage amount
Enable to reduce water/sewage cost which disappears within the premise


Water supply amounts considered to be equal to sewage amount, which is to be paid.

After installation of Healsui

Sewage meter is installed and the actual amount of sewage is to be paid.

Example of rental payment: Company S (food processing factory) in Saitama Prefecture

Sewage bill:
4 million JPY/

Installation of

Cost of Equipment : 8.7 million JPY
※Approximate cost for installation: 5 to 9 million JPY Leasing contract is possible
Leasing charge : 180 JPY/month
Reduced sewage bill : -600,000 JPY/month
Reduced amount : 420,000 JPY/month

Reduction rate of 15%! 420,000JPY/month cash can be saved!

Legitimate payment method approved by a number of local governments.

※We check applicability beforehand

Interested in installation?
We measure the amount of water flow beforehand by installing meter. Please feel free to contact us for further information.