Water-Saving System

Aqualink Water Saving System(Water saving equipment)

To reduce cost and save water resources Approx 30% reduction on water bill on average(One stop water saving system)

For Aquaink we check taps one by one, conduct an interview survey and propose the best water saving plan with no charge. We give the highest priority to cost-effectiveness. We never the same device with the same water saving rate indiscriminately nor install the devices to a spot where unneccessary. We also closely discuss with the person in charge of a site and promote water saving measures to satisfy our customers.

The profitable line of buiness

Monthly rate (JPY)
Supermarkets/DIY stores 200,000
Food service industry 100,000
Hospitals 1,000,000
Elderly home/welfare institutions 300,000
Factories (staff canteen kitchens & bathrooms) 300,000
Business/City/Resort/Fashion hotels 500,000
Inns 500,000
Taxi service companies 150,000
Fitness clubs 500,000
Health spas 500,000
Pachinko 200,000
Universities/Colleges 3,000,000
Resort facilities 500,000
Leisure facilities 1,000,000

Facility guarantee

No direct investment for facilities is required as the reduced amount of a bill on water covers the cost of equipment.
No paying out means instant benefit.
In case of no reduction on water bills, the cost of the facility is covered by warranty.

※The above products are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve specifications and etc.

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