NMC Super Coat

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Madosuke (Water-soluble machining fluid-repailing film)

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Anticorrosive / Rust remover

Rust Removers Dipping Type HYP-R1S Features A very functional dipping-type rust remover that removes rust quic … 続きを読む

Wire, profiling and small hole EDM processing machinery

Anti-rust Additive HYP-AD3 Features Sludge inside a wire EDM machine can lower the machining efficiency as wel … 続きを読む

Soluble degreaser

Water-soluble Cleaners HYPROS High Cleaner Features This powerful alkaline cleaner is used diluted with water. … 続きを読む

Press lubricant

Dry Press Oil HYP-DP2042 Features Dry Press Oil For blanking and bending in a single press. Quick-drying type. … 続きを読む

Water soluble anticorrosive

Water-soluble Rust Preventive HYP-W25 Features A versatile water-soluble rust preventive made from chemicals t … 続きを読む

Black rust Converting agent

NMC-B Coat 50 (with a stirring vessel for 500cc solution) Features By converting red rust to inactive black ru … 続きを読む

Soluble grinding & Cutting agent

Water-soluble Cutting Fluid HYP-C164 Features Very gentle on metals such as iron, aluminium and stainless stee … 続きを読む

Oil based Degreaser

Degreasing detergent(Petroleum No.1) All of these are not applicable to PRTR Law and Ordinance on Prevention o … 続きを読む